Closure is a fundamental JavaScript concept that every programmer ought to know about!


It gives our functions persistent memories.. Let’s find out how!

Having said that, it is quite natural that the internet is laden with explanations that are all priceless in one way or the other.

I personally find it easier to wrap my head around a concept when I get some visual explanation about what the tool is, and how it is making my code more efficient.

I will provide some code snippets to give us some room for imagination. …

Structure your data according to your needs!

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There are different ways to structure your data depending on what it is and how you want to organize and store it depending on how you plan to use it.


Some important Array Methods to familiarize yourself with to make life easier as a programmer:

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Arrays are one of the most common things that are used by programmers. This article will cover some of the common yet essential array methods such as: filter, map, find, forEach, some, every, reduce.

Let’s get started!!

What is CSS

It is Not a programming language

It is a Styling language

Not used for content, but for presentation

Let’s take a look at the syntax:

A CSS style starts with a selector to apply the style to. Next comes in an opening and closing curly braces that are used to denote the start and the end of the style that apply to the selector. Everything between the curly braces will be styles that apply to the HTML element that matches the selector. Inside the curly braces is one or more property value pairs, each of the pairs defines a property such as color, font size, width etc…

Get a quick overview of where you need a firm understanding for the code challenge.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say :

It can be REALLY hard to dive into the field of software engineering , if you have no prior coding experience. This could be almost relatable to talking to an alien! Exactly my point…we don’t know what that would be like either.

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But imagine being able to explore the new realms of reality, and conquer them!

Through this post you will get a brief overview of what you need to know for the first code challenge at flatiron school.


<<Ruby Object Methods>>

<<Ruby Data Types>>

<<Ruby EACH Method>>


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